Welcome aboard.

We’re Rhiannon + Cullen. We’re witches. Gender specifically, we’re a witch and a warlock. Nothing crazy about the titles, please. I know Christian Day started some controversy a couple years ago – but, he stirs the cauldron at a whole different level. We’re simple, opinionated, magical folk – and this is our place to create and share. Essays, podcasts, videos – oh my! When we have the time we will add and keep adding.

We’re pretty eclectic. She’s of the hoodoo gypsy type and I’m an amalgamation of a lot of different things. We’re a little country, little rock and roll. If we say something to inspire you, change the way you think, or piss you off… Then, there you go. Our overarching goal is to create, spread the word and help you help yourself. We will make ourselves available for magickal workings at some point in time, but for now – we’ll share a lot of crazy shit on a bunch of different topics.

Keep in mind, we’re kinda raunchy – so, if you’re a prude about f-bombs – then run along. But, if you’re cool with hanging with some mouthy witches – then come along for the ride. We’ll see you soon. + Blessed be.

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