You little magnet.

Ever heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for…”? Of course you have. You didn’t just fall out of a puss. We all know that on some level wishing for bad things to happen or letting your head fill with horrible thoughts – just isn’t a good thing. Wishing your math teacher to die in a horrible crash with a semi truck full of math textbooks on Route 666 the day before your exam is a little fucking dramatic and… pretty pointless. Some substitute will still give you the test, and your non-studying ass is gonna fail.

There are concepts though that align with Witchcraft and they weren’t known by the general public back when the first book of shadows was chiseled on a tablet or bunch of tablets (see; The Flintstones). The Universal Mind and The Secret are concepts used for millennia in magick. What you put out into the Universe is what you get back. Magick is about alteration, communication, manipulation – and how do we do this? Ritual. Where does ritual come from? Your mind. What does lighting that candle every day for 9 days do… brings it all back to mind… What does writing it down and putting in under your pillow do… focuses your mind on it while you sleep.

It all begins and ends in the mind. We will explore this concept on much deeper levels in the future. But, just taking a peek at the Universal Mind theory and The Secret is a great place to get started. Other ways to clean that noggin out include: journaling, meditating, and prayer. Ways to fill that noggin with your magick – gratitude journaling, Loving-Kindness Meditation, ritual, mantras, candle burning rituals, reading tarot, and more prayer. All of these will be covered in the future and we will show you how they are magnets.

So, until then – know that if you think BULLSHIT, you are going to live BULLSHIT. If you think of that new job and imagine yourself working there, make a symbolic paycheck from there, and focus a little every day… You’re probably going to get that job. So, keep it positive, be humble and grateful, get out and get barefoot in nature… and let the drama, gossip, and bullshit wash on down the way…

Blessed be.

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